Scavenger Hunt 2021

Scavenger Hunt - 2021

The Smoky Mountain Hog scavenger hunt provides specific destinations to visit. Each destination visited, with proof via a selfie, earns one ticket for the scavenger hunt raffle at the re-up party.  The more places you visit from the list, the more chances (tickets) you earn for the raffle.



  1. Scavenger hunt runs from January through December 2021
  2. One entry per destination per Smoky Mountain HOG member
  3. Each destination visited earns one raffle entry
  4. Chapter rides are eligible to collect destination visitation proof
  5. Claim your raffle ticket at the monthly meeting
  6. Proof of destination visited required via selfie, share on Facebook page or with chapter officer
  7. Last date to submit entries is at the December chapter meeting
  8. Members are responsible for keeping their ½ of the raffle ticket
  9. For safety reasons your bike does not have to be in the picture
  10. Prize(s) will be raffled at the Annual Re-up party; you must be present to win
  11. No Points awarded



  1. Symmes Chapel - Pretty Place, 4399 YMCA Camp Road, Cleveland SC
  2. Little Switzerland Cafe and General Store, 9440 NC 226A Little Switzerland NC
  3. Hot Springs Welcome Center, 106 Bridge St Hot Springs NC
  4. Bonnie and Clyde Drive In, 2660 NC 226 Bakersville NC
  5. Pisgah Mountain Inn, BRP Milepost 408
  6. SweeTreats Craft Ice Cream, 115 S 4th St A, Highlands, NC
  7. Wheels Through Time Museum, 62 Vintage Ln, Maggie Valley, NC
  8. Chimney Rock State Park, Chimney Rock, NC
  9. Falls Park on the Reedy, Greenville SC downtown
  10. Smoky Mountain Rail Road, 45 Mitchell St., Bryson City NC
  11. Campbell’s Covered Bridge, 171 Campbells Covered Bridge Rd., Landrum Covered Bridge
  12. Nina Simone Plaza, South Trade St., Tryon NC

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Spring 2020 Newsletter

Kathy Cunha Scott | 03/30/2020

Unfortunate Change of Plans

Steve Caraker | 03/23/2020

Good Morning.

As you know the world and our Country has been going through an unprecedented economic and health crisis in the recent weeks. The Board of Directors has been talking the last few days about how current events in our region will or will not effect Chapter function in the near term.

As you may know I put a non chapter ride up on Facebook last Saturday, because there wasn't one on our calendar, and I needed to get my head clear for a few hours from all the doom and gloom. And while that worked, we still have to get through the bigger problem, and that looks like it will take awhile to get that done. Given that, and the public directive from Buncombe County restricting gatherings of 10 people or more, that hit yesterday, we as your leadership team have decided to postpone everything scheduled to happen in April to be set again after we get some more information on how the fight with this pandemic goes.

We came to this decision after days of back and forth, and much conversation about normalcy in the group versus the safety of our membership. Given another 30 days this whole picture may brighten quite a bit. The ride last Saturday was 5 bikes, seven people and proper recommended distancing protocol was practiced.

All that said, we are postponing everything noted on our calendar noted for April, including the regular Chapter meeting. All the lost rides will be reposted later in the year, and if you need to get your "knees in the breeze", get a hold of someone in the group and plan something there. We found out Saturday that we can pull off "Social Distancing" on a smaller ride very easily. We really didn't want to have to do this, but a lot of our members are part of the high risk population for the virus and it's just not worth the risk.

The other factor in this decision is that if we don't do this voluntarily, the Federal and local government might just step in and take a much stronger role in that. I have that on good authority from some of my local Government contacts...

This Nation is facing a threat that we have never seen before. A public health crisis coupled with an economic crash. If we follow some basic common sense options, and stay calm, we will come through this stronger than ever. The goodness , and resilience of this group never ceases to amaze me. Let's use this time to pull together and reinforce some of those individual relationships within our group that you may not have had the time to spend with before now.

We will get through this. Keep Kicking,  Steve Caraker SMHOG #3002

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SMHOG Chapter Meeting Minutes - February 2020

Palmer Morris | 02/20/2020

SMHOG Chapter Meeting Minutes – February 2020

                     Feb 8, 2020    

- Steve Caraker  - Director
o Welcome, pledge, prayer
o New website up and running 
+ Showed it with a few features
- Palmer Morris – Secretary
o Reminded all of the book with hard copies of minutes
o Showed the new calendar
+ Discussed use
+ Discussed differences in computer and smart phone
+ Shared color code meanings

o Hoping to get an ability to upload minutes 

- Tom Shantz – Assistant Director
o Showed how to get to rewards from website

o Discussed how to add icon to home page on smart phone

- Steve Larson – HD of A General  Manager
o Shared Hearts and Hogs % off 
o Hillary shared double points on purchases through Valentines Day
+ Control Freak – 15% 
+ $150 off handlebars
+ Commander III tires in stock
o Workshop – handlebar build 2/22
o Free safety inspection for HOG members
o Two bikes on display
+ Fatboy with tour pack
+ RG special with 360 paint

+ CVO RG coming

- Tom Shantz – Assist Dir
o Shared charge from Doug Rudd to grow chapter
o Trifold for new members at bike purchase , etc

o Asked if anyone had objection to their picture being shown

- Teressa Warren – Treasurer
o 2020 fully funded

o Will take some hit for 2021 as we go to new membership timing (January re-up for all)

- Paul Fraga – Head RC
o Accident Scene management training on 2/25
o Leap Day ride on 2/29
o Upcoming, Kill Phil ride, 441 ride, Tellico Plains ride
o Skills training last two Sundays of March
o Calendar pretty full of rides

o Reminded all to check bikes that had been sitting

- Colleen Fraga – Membership

o All who have not re-uped by end of Feb will be dropped until  they sign waivers and pay

- Diane Davis – merchandise

o Ad for items in case

- Kathy Scott – News letter
o Waiting to hear what is possible on new websites
o Need info from officers
o Members, share if had a bike problem and fixed it, any cool rides, etc

+ Send pic with article

- Activities
o St Patty’s Day – need Kitchen and serving volunteers
o Survey on counter if anyone wants to give input
o Paint nights on hold

o Paper calendar coming

- Kristen Schweikert – Volunteer Coord
o Thanks for souper bowl help

o Call for St Pattys Day help

- Pat Harvey

o Reminded all of volunteer book


Submitted by Palmer Morris, Secretary – SMHOG
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SMHOG Chapter Meeting Minutes December 2019

Palmer Morris | 02/20/2020
SMHOG Chapter Meeting – Dec 2019
Dec 14, 2019
- Steve Caraker – Director
o Welcome, pledge, prayer
o Points – no pts for non mc events
o Announced new primary officers
+ Tom Shantz – Assist Dir
+ Teressa Warren – Treas
o Thanked Grace and Lee for their service
o Announced new discretionary officers
+ Volunteer Coord – Kristen Schriekert
+ Safety – Mike Edney
+ Merch – Diane Davis 
- Steve Larson
o Introduced 2020 RG Limited
o Parts and Luggage sale
o 8 racks of clothes on sale
o Oil change coupon
o Santa and Buddy the Elf today
o Thanks to BOD – Grace and Lee
- Grace – Assist Dir
o Presented Laptop and MP3 players to Linda from Vet home
- Lee Barrett – Treasurer
o Into new year with $11K in bank
- Palmer Morris – Secretary
o Explained how dues would be prorated to get all on Jan to Jan schedule
o Colleen Fraga in HOG office for payment and sign forms today
- Paul Fraga - HRC - Last RC meeting of the year today
o NY Day ride – Paul
o New ideas for rides – reach out to Paul
o Challenged RC to new rides
o Ride, have fun, be safe
- Teressa Warren – Merch
o Stocked on patches now
- Tom Shantz – Activities
o Door prizes
o Group to be formed for Car and Bike Show
? Social Media and sponsor coord  - current need
- Sandra Mims – Activities
o Queens Kitchen – Marsha, Donna
o Soldier on Christmas tree with prayer
o Jan 18 – Re-up Party at Maggie Valley
- Teressa Warren  
o Humane Society
o Thrift shop open
o Donations – 1425 Patten Ave
- Pat Harvey – patch as Kitchen Witch
Submitted by Palmer Morris, Secretary, SMHOG
Dec 14. 2019
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SMHOG Chapter Meeting Minutes October 2019

Palmer Morris | 02/20/2020
                                       SMHOG Chapter Meeting –OCT 2019
                                       Oct 12, 2019
- Steve Caraker – Director
    o Nominations and vote
    o Discretionary Officers
    o Pledge and Prayer
    o No pancake breakfast
    o $5K on bikes
    o New website close

    o Webmaster not being filled

- Steve Larson – HD of A General Manager
    o Thanks and congratulations on Car and Bike Show
    o Hillary – 15% off heated grips

    o Breast Cancer Poker Run

- Grace Bishop – Assist Director

    o Vets needs

+Lap top and MP3 players

- Lee Barrett – Treasurer
    o Donations to Eblem nothing to do with any one person

    o $12,700 in bank

- Palmer Morris – Secretary

    o Guidelines for Group Rides

- Paul Fraga – Head Road Captain
    o Rides should be fun
    o New Riders – training
    o Oct 19 – Breast Cancer poker run

    o Ride to Biketoperfest Wed to Sun

- Colleen Fraga – Membership
    o All member forms to be signed each Jan going forward at Mother HOG requirement

    o Renewal payments to be done at same time

- Teressa Warren – Merchandise

    o See her to get products from cabinet

- Tom Shantz – Car and Bike
    o Showed slide show

    o $9245 towards bikes including Better Life Foundation

- Sandra Mims

    o Mugs, blanket

Submitted by Palmer Morris, Secretary, SMHOG
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4th Annual Smoky Mountain HOG Car & Bike Show

Activities | 02/20/2020

4th Annual Smoky Mountain Car & Bike Show 2020

Vendors wanted! 

Saturday September 26th, 2020
Are you interested in joining the many vendors that are represented in our Annual Car & Bike show ?

Applications will be going out in April 

Contact Sandra Mims at

Check out our Facebook and Instagram, we will post updates there as soon as we have them.

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SMHOG Chapter Meeting Minutes Sept 2019

Palmer Morris | 02/20/2020
                                              SMHOG Chapter Meeting
                                                   September 14, 2019
- Steve Caraker – Director
    o Welcome, pledge, call on Julie for prayer
    o Reported on check received from BLF for $5K for bikes

    o Asked for help for JC ride

- Steve Larson – General Mgr, HD of A
    o Thanks for help at new model rollout & open house
    o 2020 Bike comments

    o 2020 catalog out

- Palmer Morris (filling in for Lee Barrett, Finance)
    o $12,300 in bank all but Bike and Car Show in place
    o Within $500 of last year position

    o Any moneys over this after bike and car show and all bills will need to be donated

- Paul Fraga – Head Road Captain    
    o Honor Flight schedule
    o Cold Mtn run, tomorrow
    o JC to HD from Rally ride next Sat
    o Car and Bike show in two weeks

    o Mad Cow on Oct 5

- Rollin Stone – Asked if anyone wanted to sign up on a last min ride sheet for get togethers

- Activity
    o Food for Bike and Car Show
    o Blankets , bring in
    o Cards for vets from honor flight

    o Paint Night – 9/23

- Kitchen
    o Need help for JC ride

    o Need grill help

- Early stop for Vets Poker Ride


Submitted by Palmer Morris, Secretary SMHOG
September 14, 2019

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