SMHOG Chapter Meeting Minutes October 2019

Palmer Morris | 02/20/2020
                                       SMHOG Chapter Meeting –OCT 2019
                                       Oct 12, 2019
- Steve Caraker – Director
    o Nominations and vote
    o Discretionary Officers
    o Pledge and Prayer
    o No pancake breakfast
    o $5K on bikes
    o New website close

    o Webmaster not being filled

- Steve Larson – HD of A General Manager
    o Thanks and congratulations on Car and Bike Show
    o Hillary – 15% off heated grips

    o Breast Cancer Poker Run

- Grace Bishop – Assist Director

    o Vets needs

+Lap top and MP3 players

- Lee Barrett – Treasurer
    o Donations to Eblem nothing to do with any one person

    o $12,700 in bank

- Palmer Morris – Secretary

    o Guidelines for Group Rides

- Paul Fraga – Head Road Captain
    o Rides should be fun
    o New Riders – training
    o Oct 19 – Breast Cancer poker run

    o Ride to Biketoperfest Wed to Sun

- Colleen Fraga – Membership
    o All member forms to be signed each Jan going forward at Mother HOG requirement

    o Renewal payments to be done at same time

- Teressa Warren – Merchandise

    o See her to get products from cabinet

- Tom Shantz – Car and Bike
    o Showed slide show

    o $9245 towards bikes including Better Life Foundation

- Sandra Mims

    o Mugs, blanket

Submitted by Palmer Morris, Secretary, SMHOG