SMHOG Chapter Meeting Minutes Sept 2019

Palmer Morris | 02/20/2020
                                              SMHOG Chapter Meeting
                                                   September 14, 2019
- Steve Caraker – Director
    o Welcome, pledge, call on Julie for prayer
    o Reported on check received from BLF for $5K for bikes

    o Asked for help for JC ride

- Steve Larson – General Mgr, HD of A
    o Thanks for help at new model rollout & open house
    o 2020 Bike comments

    o 2020 catalog out

- Palmer Morris (filling in for Lee Barrett, Finance)
    o $12,300 in bank all but Bike and Car Show in place
    o Within $500 of last year position

    o Any moneys over this after bike and car show and all bills will need to be donated

- Paul Fraga – Head Road Captain    
    o Honor Flight schedule
    o Cold Mtn run, tomorrow
    o JC to HD from Rally ride next Sat
    o Car and Bike show in two weeks

    o Mad Cow on Oct 5

- Rollin Stone – Asked if anyone wanted to sign up on a last min ride sheet for get togethers

- Activity
    o Food for Bike and Car Show
    o Blankets , bring in
    o Cards for vets from honor flight

    o Paint Night – 9/23

- Kitchen
    o Need help for JC ride

    o Need grill help

- Early stop for Vets Poker Ride


Submitted by Palmer Morris, Secretary SMHOG
September 14, 2019