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SMHOG Chapter Meeting Minutes - February 2020

Palmer Morris | 02/20/2020

SMHOG Chapter Meeting Minutes – February 2020

                     Feb 8, 2020    

- Steve Caraker  - Director
o Welcome, pledge, prayer
o New website up and running 
+ Showed it with a few features
- Palmer Morris – Secretary
o Reminded all of the book with hard copies of minutes
o Showed the new calendar
+ Discussed use
+ Discussed differences in computer and smart phone
+ Shared color code meanings

o Hoping to get an ability to upload minutes 

- Tom Shantz – Assistant Director
o Showed how to get to rewards from website

o Discussed how to add icon to home page on smart phone

- Steve Larson – HD of A General  Manager
o Shared Hearts and Hogs % off 
o Hillary shared double points on purchases through Valentines Day
+ Control Freak – 15% 
+ $150 off handlebars
+ Commander III tires in stock
o Workshop – handlebar build 2/22
o Free safety inspection for HOG members
o Two bikes on display
+ Fatboy with tour pack
+ RG special with 360 paint

+ CVO RG coming

- Tom Shantz – Assist Dir
o Shared charge from Doug Rudd to grow chapter
o Trifold for new members at bike purchase , etc

o Asked if anyone had objection to their picture being shown

- Teressa Warren – Treasurer
o 2020 fully funded

o Will take some hit for 2021 as we go to new membership timing (January re-up for all)

- Paul Fraga – Head RC
o Accident Scene management training on 2/25
o Leap Day ride on 2/29
o Upcoming, Kill Phil ride, 441 ride, Tellico Plains ride
o Skills training last two Sundays of March
o Calendar pretty full of rides

o Reminded all to check bikes that had been sitting

- Colleen Fraga – Membership

o All who have not re-uped by end of Feb will be dropped until  they sign waivers and pay

- Diane Davis – merchandise

o Ad for items in case

- Kathy Scott – News letter
o Waiting to hear what is possible on new websites
o Need info from officers
o Members, share if had a bike problem and fixed it, any cool rides, etc

+ Send pic with article

- Activities
o St Patty’s Day – need Kitchen and serving volunteers
o Survey on counter if anyone wants to give input
o Paint nights on hold

o Paper calendar coming

- Kristen Schweikert – Volunteer Coord
o Thanks for souper bowl help

o Call for St Pattys Day help

- Pat Harvey

o Reminded all of volunteer book


Submitted by Palmer Morris, Secretary – SMHOG
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SMHOG Chapter Meeting Minutes December 2019

Palmer Morris | 02/20/2020
SMHOG Chapter Meeting – Dec 2019
Dec 14, 2019
- Steve Caraker – Director
o Welcome, pledge, prayer
o Points – no pts for non mc events
o Announced new primary officers
+ Tom Shantz – Assist Dir
+ Teressa Warren – Treas
o Thanked Grace and Lee for their service
o Announced new discretionary officers
+ Volunteer Coord – Kristen Schriekert
+ Safety – Mike Edney
+ Merch – Diane Davis 
- Steve Larson
o Introduced 2020 RG Limited
o Parts and Luggage sale
o 8 racks of clothes on sale
o Oil change coupon
o Santa and Buddy the Elf today
o Thanks to BOD – Grace and Lee
- Grace – Assist Dir
o Presented Laptop and MP3 players to Linda from Vet home
- Lee Barrett – Treasurer
o Into new year with $11K in bank
- Palmer Morris – Secretary
o Explained how dues would be prorated to get all on Jan to Jan schedule
o Colleen Fraga in HOG office for payment and sign forms today
- Paul Fraga - HRC - Last RC meeting of the year today
o NY Day ride – Paul
o New ideas for rides – reach out to Paul
o Challenged RC to new rides
o Ride, have fun, be safe
- Teressa Warren – Merch
o Stocked on patches now
- Tom Shantz – Activities
o Door prizes
o Group to be formed for Car and Bike Show
? Social Media and sponsor coord  - current need
- Sandra Mims – Activities
o Queens Kitchen – Marsha, Donna
o Soldier on Christmas tree with prayer
o Jan 18 – Re-up Party at Maggie Valley
- Teressa Warren  
o Humane Society
o Thrift shop open
o Donations – 1425 Patten Ave
- Pat Harvey – patch as Kitchen Witch
Submitted by Palmer Morris, Secretary, SMHOG
Dec 14. 2019
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SMHOG Chapter Meeting Minutes October 2019

Palmer Morris | 02/20/2020
                                       SMHOG Chapter Meeting –OCT 2019
                                       Oct 12, 2019
- Steve Caraker – Director
    o Nominations and vote
    o Discretionary Officers
    o Pledge and Prayer
    o No pancake breakfast
    o $5K on bikes
    o New website close

    o Webmaster not being filled

- Steve Larson – HD of A General Manager
    o Thanks and congratulations on Car and Bike Show
    o Hillary – 15% off heated grips

    o Breast Cancer Poker Run

- Grace Bishop – Assist Director

    o Vets needs

+Lap top and MP3 players

- Lee Barrett – Treasurer
    o Donations to Eblem nothing to do with any one person

    o $12,700 in bank

- Palmer Morris – Secretary

    o Guidelines for Group Rides

- Paul Fraga – Head Road Captain
    o Rides should be fun
    o New Riders – training
    o Oct 19 – Breast Cancer poker run

    o Ride to Biketoperfest Wed to Sun

- Colleen Fraga – Membership
    o All member forms to be signed each Jan going forward at Mother HOG requirement

    o Renewal payments to be done at same time

- Teressa Warren – Merchandise

    o See her to get products from cabinet

- Tom Shantz – Car and Bike
    o Showed slide show

    o $9245 towards bikes including Better Life Foundation

- Sandra Mims

    o Mugs, blanket

Submitted by Palmer Morris, Secretary, SMHOG
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SMHOG Chapter Meeting Minutes Sept 2019

Palmer Morris | 02/20/2020
                                              SMHOG Chapter Meeting
                                                   September 14, 2019
- Steve Caraker – Director
    o Welcome, pledge, call on Julie for prayer
    o Reported on check received from BLF for $5K for bikes

    o Asked for help for JC ride

- Steve Larson – General Mgr, HD of A
    o Thanks for help at new model rollout & open house
    o 2020 Bike comments

    o 2020 catalog out

- Palmer Morris (filling in for Lee Barrett, Finance)
    o $12,300 in bank all but Bike and Car Show in place
    o Within $500 of last year position

    o Any moneys over this after bike and car show and all bills will need to be donated

- Paul Fraga – Head Road Captain    
    o Honor Flight schedule
    o Cold Mtn run, tomorrow
    o JC to HD from Rally ride next Sat
    o Car and Bike show in two weeks

    o Mad Cow on Oct 5

- Rollin Stone – Asked if anyone wanted to sign up on a last min ride sheet for get togethers

- Activity
    o Food for Bike and Car Show
    o Blankets , bring in
    o Cards for vets from honor flight

    o Paint Night – 9/23

- Kitchen
    o Need help for JC ride

    o Need grill help

- Early stop for Vets Poker Ride


Submitted by Palmer Morris, Secretary SMHOG
September 14, 2019

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